Chair – Sanjeev Hirachund Pr.I (SA)

Chief Land Surveyor
ESKOM Line Engineering Services

Mission Statement

The mission of the Survey Community of Practice is to provide a collaborative forum where members of SARWA operating in the Survey and Mapping environment can come together to share experiences, information, and knowledge relating to survey practices within the Public Service Infrastructure environment. The Survey COP will also focus on investigating and developing solutions around common challenges being experienced by survey professionals within the various utilities involved in Right of Way in South Africa.

The Functions of This Committee Shall Be As Follows:

  • To Promote Survey and Mapping best practice amongst utilities operating in the Rights of Way environment
  • To establish a collaborative forum whereby Survey and Mapping professionals can interact and share experiences, information and knowledge which will benefit all participants within the COP
  • To arrange Education and Training workshops to better equip survey professionals with knowledge on the latest technologies and methodologies that are available within the profession.
  • To keep abreast of International practices in the Surveying community by participating in international COP forums.