Chair – Erina Otto (BSc Arch, PMP, GIScProf, CAMA)

Chairperson : Currently Vacant

Mission Statement

To educate and improve the knowledge around asset management and the realisation of the massive scope this field of expertise covers. You can get involved in asset management as a GIS Professional, Engineer, Architect, Project Manager, Property Valuer, Investor, Accountant, Economist or various other related fields should you have the passion and inclination to improve the state of assets in the country.
Infrastructure asset refers to immovable assets where a system as a whole is intended to be maintained indefinitely to a specified level of service. Typical infrastructure assets include:

  • Transport network Asset management is the process that deals with the total management from planning through operational management to review and improvement of systems or de-recognition / replacement of assets. Asset management not only focus on the status and state of assets but also have a strong foothold in the planning of future levels of service financial planning to afford the maintenance and upgrading of services as well as the take on of new technologies such as green infrastructure.


The Functions of This Committee Shall Be As Follows:

  • Asset environment;
  • Risk management;
  • Asset management policies and procedures;
  • Strategic asset management plans;
  • Maintenance strategies;
  • Capital investment plans;
  • Asset management scorecards;
  • Capability analysis;
  • Change management;
  • Resource and data management;
  • Asset renewal and upgrades;
  • Impacts of improved technology;
  • Information needs; and
  • Financial management and budgets