Billions are spent annually on the acquisition, management, and transfer of property rights. With the technical skills required for proficiency in this complex activity, SARWA, through its affiliation to the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) and the IRWA’s specialized education and training programmes, provide an essential foundation for right of way professionals in all right of way disciplines: negotiation, acquisition, management, valuations, relocation assistance, environmental, asset/property management, the law of property, mining law, engineering and surveying.


In South Africa the following course are available as classroom courses:

  • C400 – Principles of Real Estate Appraisal
  • C100SA – Principals of Land Acquisition
  • C103 – Ethics and the Right of Way Profession
  • C213 – Conflict Management
  • C215 – Right of Way Acquisition for Pipeline Projects
  • C700 – Introduction to Property Management
  • WS – Application of Spatial Information for Land Use
  • SVLRA1 - Sevitude Valuations for Land & Rights Acquisition


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These courses are available anywhere in South Africa with the condition that there must be at least 10 learners in the classroom.

To register for training on any of the above courses please send your request to register to

Classroom Based Education

Three main educational conferences and several smaller workshops are presented annually and classroom based educational offering are facilitated by right of way professionals who have extensive practical experience within their discipline and the ability to engage participants in active learning. Please see the calendar of upcoming events for further information.

Online Education

IRWA currently offers over a dozen courses in an online format and offer a catalogue of skill building classes, which can be used for recertification credit towards IRWA Certifications and Designations. Courses can also be completed online and are available 24 hours. Please refer to the IRWA course catalogue for more information

The IRWA Right of Way Professional Career Path

Start on the path to a higher level of professionalism. Whether you are new to the right of way profession or a seasoned veteran, the IRWA Right of Way Career Path will enhance your skills and acknowledge your commitment to the profession to employers, clients and yourself.
SARWA’s curriculum for the Professional Career Path