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Mission Statement

To promote a better understanding of the legal principles governing the right of way profession and any changes to legislation applicable to the acquisition and management of property and servitude rights

The Functions of This Committee Shall Be As Follows:

  • Ensure adherence to the SARWA constitution and bylaws;
  • To promote and enforce the highest ethical and professional standards of members of the association
  • To promote and encourage persons, learning institutions and other organizations involved in property / real estate / servitude acquisition and management to continuously share knowledge and best practices
  • To provide advice and assistance to the Association on all matters related to legislation or regulatory policies governing or impacting the profession.
  • To examine, monitor and report on changes in legislation pertaining to the right of way profession
  • Keep industry members and committees informed of matters related to valuation principles, changes to expropriation legislation, drafting of contracts, determination of damage compensation, registration of rights, mineral and property law principles etc.