Home  SARWA is an association which: Facilitates the networking of the different practitioners and disciplines, involved in and associated with the acquisition of property rights. Promotes the development of its members through education and training. Underwrites the fair, ethical, transparent and professional conduct of its members. The SARWA strategy: Networking :              Sharing information amongst members, practitioners, other professional bodies and                    IRWA.   Development: Identification, development and presentation of appropriate courses SARWA & others. Certification by SARWA of its members. Accreditation by SAQA, PLATO and IRWA courses. Social upliftment through education. Code of conduct           Adheres to the existing code of conduct and ethics.  Marketing           Membership drive for SARWA acceptance by stakeholders.  Funds    Raise and manage funds. International affiliation: SARWA is the youngest chapter (Chapter 83) of the International Right of Way Association (IRWA).